Friday, April 27, 2007

Music-related website

I heard this song on the Internet and decided that I liked it. I was going to start a webpage with my musical tastes, likes and dislikes but when I found out more about the group I went to a website that allows me to have my own music page of sorts. I just joined it so I'm working out the kinks. Basically you can have the music you like on one page. You can also have a journal too. So here is mine:

Last FM - AngelWitch

My Journal is here

So far I have one track listed. It's called "Seven Sirens And A Silver Tear".

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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Tea Fan?

I have become quite fond of having a cup of tea. This started right after I decided to become a witch. I think it has to do with the soothiness of having a cup of tea. (I'm having one now (-:

Of course I still do drink coffee but not as much.

There's just something soothing about having a cup of tea. It's relaxing and gives me a chance to think about things.

On a related note I hope that I can incorporate this with my gardening as well using things like mint sprigs and other kinds of herbs in my own tea.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

More Wiccan Than Witch......

That is how my past few days have been. I managed to get a copy of "The Secret" and I have been listening to it more than once. My thoughts are constantly fighting against each other and I have been meditating on a regular basis. I meditate to clear my mind and focus on the things that I do want and not to concentrate (and bring more power to) on the things that I don't want. My meditation sessions (I try to keep them to at least an hour a day) do help me a great deal. It's just that away from the meditation sessions is where my mental battles take over.

Wicca and Witchcraft do dictate that you have to start with yourself first before you try to work on other things. I know that I'm not alone in my mental battles and here are a few tidbits of advice and things that I have seen that may help you if you're going through the same thing:

  • Make a list of 5 things that you are grateful for. Doing this helps you appreciate the things that you do have and it also puts you in a better state of mind

  • Focus on what it is that you do want and don't focus on what you don't want. The more focus you put on something whether it is good or bad will bring more power to it and will make it more likely to manifest

  • Everytime that you are feeling bad or depressed or angry or any other negative emotion tell yourself that "I want to feel good". When you tell yourself this you'll find things to feel good about and the more you feel good the more those good feelings will manifest

Now I have had a few instances when I believed that this has worked. One time I was at the grocery store shopping and I didn't have a way to get back. While I was shopping I put my focus on having a ride home. I focused to the point of almost making myself sick. But my ride home manifested in me seeing one of my neighbors who offered to drive me home. Now I didn't see them and go over and ask them to drive me home. I saw the wife and we greeted each other and she asked me how I was getting home and I told her that I was going to take the bus and she offered to drive me home because we only live a few doors from each other. Another time I manifested a client - actually it was a client that I already had who bought another order of business cards that I had designed for him. So this stuff does work.

So as you can see I have been more on a spiritual path than a "witchy" one. I'm still doing a hunt for my perfect meditation candle and I still need an incense burner that I'm thinking about making from scratch (as soon as I get some sand). I have a couple of online witch courses that I'm dying to start and I will post about them here. I still have my BOS (Book of Shadows) but I haven't made any recent entries in it.

By the way I find it cute that a lot of us have cats. I sometimes look at my cat and wonder if she knows that she is a witch's cat but I don't think that she even cares as long as I adhere to her wishes.

Also any interesting and related links I will post here. I'm also toying with the idea of posting pictures now that I have my camera phone because I have become jealous of everybody else's pictures.

I also have noticed that a lot of the blogs that I read, the people that have them post the most gorgeous of scenery pictures around their area and that is what I'm going to do too.

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Sunday, April 15, 2007

A Big Green Candle!

I have been using green candles during my meditation sessions. Green is the color of money and wealth and that is what I am concentrating on and that is what I am focusing my mind on during my meditation sessions.

So far I have been using the small tea light candles and I'll burn one of those per session. Lately I have been thinking about getting a bigger candle that's green so that I won't have to keep using additional candles but now that I think about it using the smaller candles are a better way to go. I say this because burning a whole candle per session makes more sense as regards to what my goal is (which is more money).

I have seen many candle spells online but mostly I stick to a simple candle burning session where I focus on my desires and that session will last until the candle burns out - so getting a bigger candle just wouldn't be the same to me.

I do know that I have said in previous posts that tools aren't necessary but I also said that having them enhances what it is you want to do.

What do I do during these meditation sessions? It's quite simple really. I'll usually use my livingroom where there is this big comfy chair. I'll light the candle and sit down and relax to focus on my desires and intentions and (try to) not let other thoughts - negative thoughts - enter into my mind. The whole goal here is to relax one's body and mind to the point where you reach a very relaxed state and remain that way for the duration of time that you set. My sessions are at least one hour.

Even those that don't believe in candle spells should try the meditation part of it because another reason why this is done is to relieve stress and relax. Have you ever felt nervious or have had bouts of anxiety (like I have)? Meditation would be good for this. The goal is to help center and ground yourself and you don't have to be a witch to do that. Getting back to a peaceful state could prove beneficial in more ways than one. There have been times when I have meditated and the end results are a calm peaceful feeling which helps me to tackle and solve my problems more efficiently.

We all have problems but it's what we do with them that counts!

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Even Witches Get Sick!

For the past 3 days I haven't been feeling well. Actually it comes and goes. During the "good" moments I'm able to function normally but when the bad moments come all I can do is sit and wait for the pain to go away! I actually think it started because I had the window open during some cold weather - although I can't say for certain. But my thoughts are drifting back to when I had the window open and I could feel the cold (not cool) air.

Anyway it feels like its more than a cold because I can feel the pain surging through my gums. It kind of feels like a migraine but I have had it before and I know it has to do with my gums and its not really a headace it just feels like a headache! It could be an infection of some kind because we are in that "in-between" kind of weather of the beginnings of spring.

I have some hot water boiling for tea. With the tea I'll add s slice of lemon and some honey and I will definitely put some liquor in it! Nothing makes you feel better than having some hot tea with some "kick" in it! I have also been taking aspirin - so much so that I'm running out of it. I'm usually good with supplies for when I'm sick but I'm out of vitamins and orange juice and I'm out of brandy which I usually put in my tea when I'm not feeling well. I'm out of orange juice and I don't have enough ingredients to make a stew but I do have some soup though. That should hit the spot.

I have also have had some success with "sweating" out my colds. I do things like turn the heat up and wear more heavier clothes. I also have my hot water bottle.

So you can definitely say that I am under the weather today!


Saturday, April 07, 2007

Internet Overload!

That is what I have been going through for the last few days! I found a site that has podcasts in their archives plus they have a regular radio station full of programs that have to do with inspiration, healing and spirituality. It's called Achieve Radio and it's full of very inspiring broadcasts! One in particular I liked was the one about prosperity and living the type of life that you want! The interview was with a woman who talked about how she struggled while raising her daughter and how she pulled herself out of those struggles to live the kind of life that she wanted! Well I downloaded that one so that I could save it and play it over and over again. You should really take a look at this website because it has lots of programs dealing with the mind and spirit!

The next website I found was I Am A Another website with tons of information! Now this site I'm trying to join but I'm having problems signing in with them. I sent them off an email and am waiting to hear back from them. Once you join you can also have an email address with the Iamawitch email address.

I visited a very interesting blog from a fellow witch but I have to go back and get the link.

So much new stuff that I am finding and I am happy to say that these are legitimate witch-related websites. I'm finding so much stuff online that I am getting a headache!


Wednesday, April 04, 2007

It's Ironic Really!

I originally decided to take the path of the witch and learn the art of "The Craft" simply because of that - the craft. But I'm finding that I'm practicing things more of a spiritual nature than the actual practice of witchcraft. Don't get me wrong though because I still have my candles and my Book of Shadows, my incense and my spells but I'm also doing things like meditation, visualizations and for the most part becoming a more better, relaxed and peaceful person.

Originally that was one of the reasons why I chose the witch path as opposed to the Wiccan path because the later involved more of a way of life as opposed to actual witchcraft which is what I wanted to do. There were even some aspects of Wicca that I found relative to the kind of life that I wanted but again I wanted to be in it for the witchcraft.

But I'm learning so many things and a lot of them have to do with the person itself and all about healing those things that are causing one conflict and negative energy. The topic of energy both negative and positive has been popping up everywhere and in different places. This topic is discussed in witch forums, wicca forums, new wave forums, spirituality forums and religious forums and that just means that it is an important aspect of all of these different forums.

So guess what that has made me learn? It has made me learn that its not all about the "casting of spells" and doing the other "witchy" things. I'm learning that it all starts from within me. Tools and spells and chants can help but if I'm not in the right frame of mind or if I'm not grounded and centered and not distracted by distractions then the whole thing is not and will not continue to be right.

I still love doing the "witchy" things but I know that its not all about the "witchy" things.


Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Made Another Stew.....

Even at my relatively older age I'm still learning how to cook. I made another stew today and I think that I do it more for the preparation than for the actual stew itself - although it does taste yummy!

First for all of those that are interested my stews are relatively simple. I'll use either chicken or other meats as the foundation and I'll chop up what vegatable I have and add them to the stew. I'll put the meat in a big pot and fill it halfway with water and I'll add salt and pepper and let that cook while I cut the vegatables - always onions and garlic and potatoes and this time I had a pepper so I added that. I also have some sphagetti and I added that. I'll let it cook at a low flame for the rest of the day - always checking on it. And by dinnertime I'll have a nice hot stew to warm my belly!

I know that this is part of what being a kitchen witch is - using the kitchen and its contents. You don't have to get fancy - the main purpose of the stew is to fill you up plus with all the added things in it you'll be healthier. But I think its the process that bears mentioning. All that chopping and cutting should be relaxing. You shouldn't think of it as something to be done and over with but you should think of it as a process. The ingredients go into the stew making it part of the stew itself and you let it simmer and the smell fills up your home while you merrily do something else, the smell is a reminder that you have a stew cooking. Once your stew is ready to eat it fills you up making you feel good for the next thing that you have do. It fills your belly.

I know that there are all sorts of stew receipes online and I'd like to try some of them but I don't want to discount my creations at all. If you're curious you too should experiment. Have I burned anything yet? No, not yet - LOL! But its the process that's fun. And it should also be relaxing for you as well.

Of course I'm going to experiment with different spices and different vegetables. I even want to use stuff from my own garden! Have fun!

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