Monday, January 02, 2012

Early Winter

The date of the winter solstice has passed and we are now in early winter. We haven't had much snow in the area yet but all the other signs of winter are here! The cold air, the chilly air, the leaf-less trees and the barren-looking land.

But this is a time when I do the work of having supplies stored just in case I get trapped by a winter storm. I am so glad and grateful that I work from home and I have found other witches who are writers like me.

I do know that this is the time of year for a sort of like slumber period almost like a hibernation where we try to stay away from the harsh elements of winter as much as we can and in the meantime prepare for the spring.

I have started my inside garden starting with some lavendar and other herbs and they are finally starting to grow and I'm going to add more seedlings as well!

I enjoy this time of year - especially when I don't really have to go anywhere and I can work from home with my own hours and my own pace.

I'm also too, planning for the spring - mostly getting my outside garden cleaned up so that I will be able to plant and garden outside again this year as soon as possible!

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