Sunday, July 12, 2009

Everything Has Layers!

As you can see from this picture, I try to use everything that I have! The sticks I'm saving so that I can use for wood in my fireplace (I still have to have the fireplace built and installed yet - LOL!

I can also use these sticks as stakes for my garden vegetables and some of the sticks are shaped nicely enough to make a nice wand (or two!)

Of course the bucket is going to be recycled and used for something else.

If you're wondering where the sticks came from - they are from an maple tree that is in the front of my house. When the weather gets really bad and there are storms, some of the branches will break and fall!

I'm thinking that there are so many things that I can use these sticks for and I have much more than you see here gathered up!

It's been raining like crazy and my garden needs some tending to but at least I DO have a garden that I am tending to this year. What makes it even better is that I still have some time to plant some more things as well!

Also I'm on the lookout for pumpkins too!

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