Friday, March 03, 2006

Meeting Up?

Being a part of some of the Witches message boards and forums the topic always comes up about meeting - this is especially true for those that are just joining the boards and forums.  This is kind of a hard thing to accomplish - especially when everyone is so scattered in their locations.  And then there are other concerns/problems - one of which may be financial.  So having these kinds of forums and message boards are good.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Quiz - My Secret Mystical Side?

Your a lycanthrope: a werecreature, a shifter, a werewolf. You have a strang dual-nature but you are a loyal and protective person. You thrive during in-between times: dawn and dust, when the veils of the world are thinest. You stick close to your family and friends though you often steal off on your own. You are rather mysterious and have a secret side that most don't know about.

Thanks for taking my quiz! Please check out my new quiz, How Excitable Are You?
What's Your Secret Mythical Side?


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