Thursday, August 05, 2004

Not 100% today

I was feeling very badly yesterday because of some pain in my gums but I wanted to get out and cut the hedges because they had grown so much (because of the rain). Add to this it was so hot and humid - that didn't make it better - plus there were all of these gnats flying around.

While I was cutting the hedges I thought about maybe doing a spell to get rid of the pain but I know that is not the best way to go. I know witchcraft isn't supposed to be a substitute for common sense. I could do a spell to help me relax - that would have been OK. But I know that I should go the aspirin route and then the doctor route if the pain is still there.

I have completed my year and day of study but I realize that I am only just beginning to learn and there is so much to learn!


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