Thursday, October 23, 2008


I found this very interesting website! It's called Etsy and I wanted to investigate it more because I have seen cute little graphics about it on other people's websites and blogs.

Etsy is a site where you can buy and sell handmade products - including handmade jewelery, bags and even some clothing - of which some are knitted and / or crocheted. I also liked seeing the various food-related products for sale - especially the different kinds of tea! I love having a "spot of tea every now and then!

But you know what else it got me to thinking about? Me and the kinds of "crafts" that I myself have created and the fact that I even have the ability to do so!

What can I do? Well of some of the products that I have seen on Etsy, I have come to realize that I can knit, crochet and especially SEW - since I'm always repairing and mending stuff! (I also like to cook too!) I have seen a lot of cute things being sold on Etsy that look like the kind of thing that I could whip up!

Another thing too is that all the skills mentioned above are also very relaxing things to do and I especially like doing it while watching a good movie!

It's also taking me back to a time that was more simpler where being able to do things like knitting and crocheting didn't seem to be so old-fashioned - in fact it was sometimes a necessity.

And that is reminding of why I chose to be a hedgewitch in the first place which is because the meaning to me is of the traditional witch that uses the supplies that they have at hand! (Think I'm feeling a past-life flashback coming on!)

It's also got me curious about what my fellow witches and reader have as hobbies and/or talents such as the above?

Now that I have acknowledged (both to myself and to you) my "other talents - let's hear about yours!

And - PS - this just gives me more pictures that I have to post which now includes things that I have made!

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Onions! And It's Many, Many Uses!

Oh the many, many uses of onions!

I took this picture with my cellphone camera when I was making some stew (that I soon hope to create a recipie and call it "Witch's Stew" A nice and simple stew recipie for when you don't have a lot of ingredients. I love slow-cooking my stew all day long so that I can smell it cooking all through the house! And now since the weather is turning chillier (if not down-right cold!) having a good hearty stew really helps to hit the spot!

But looking at this picture has reminded me of the many uses of onions! Since I am part kitchen-witch, I can really appreciate the fact that you can use onions for many different things and some of the things don't even involve cooking!

I also know that there are some spells that use onions.

I think that it's the strong scent of onions that makes it a popular choice for many, many things!

Also on a side note - its another thing that I want to try to grow in my garden too as I have had great success with growing onion-garlic!

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