Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I know it may seem sterotypical but I am a fan of (the better) Dracula movies. I just saw the original WolfMan movie - the one in black and white - and you know what I noticed the most was the scenery. Even though it was in black and white I have just got this thing for great scenery! There were gypsies in the movie and I just like the way they dress!


- I found an article online talking about how the heirs are looking for a buyer for Dracula's Castle:

Castle Dracula Looking For A Buyer

I have to tell you too that I am a big "Buffy" and "Angel" fan! While I watch the reruns of "Charmed" I mostly watch that program because of that gorgeous old house and to be truthfull I like seeing what the sisters are wearing. I'm also a fan of the movie "The Craft" - even though a lot of people don't like and think that its not true to the truth about being a witch, I think the movie made some good points. Such as using one's mind and there having to be a balance of good and bad.

So there you have it.

I hope that doesn't make me shallow - LOL!

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Friday, July 06, 2007

A Home Witchcraft Course?

I should warn you that before you click on the link you should know that clicking on it will lead you to a .pdf file. If you're computer is able to handle that then there is no problem but keep in mind that its a pretty big .pdf file (it consists of 12 pages). Now with that being said...............

I found this interesting link to a "home witchcraft course" that is a downloadable .pdf file. It has some very good basic information on it like self-dedication and candle magick.

I have also updated my links page with some of the more interesting links that I have found online.

I'm very encouraged by the comments that people are leaving me on this blog - especially where it has to do with spell magic and how it is manifesting in my life. I still continue to work on it so that I can achieve the greatest, most prosperous results that I can!

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