Wednesday, October 31, 2007

What I Did (So Far) On This Halloween Day!

You know its been so long since I just took a day to enjoy the day! And that is what I did today on this Halloween Day! I had tea and "Halloween" cupcakes for breakfast! I have been watching horror movies all morning and enjoying every "scary" minute of it! Most of the shows I was watching were compiliations of "The Scariest Movie Moments" but I also watched some old black and white horror movies too. I think that I like those the best because they just seem so more better well-made.

I don't know what it is about me and the gypsy "lifestyle". One of the reasons why I like the original version of "The Wolf Man" is because of the beginning scenes where they were in a gypsy village. My chosen path is that of a hedgewitch which is a witch dating back to the old days and modern day witches using the "old" methods and ways - so its like being a gypsy and a hedgewitch could be quite similar. I even like one of the old episodes of "Charmed" where they go back in time to save one of their relatives.

I also like watching some of the more documentary-type shows that came on today. I like seeing places like Romania and Transylvania (I'm even thinking of taking a trip to some of those places). There were shows on talking about modern day and past vampires and witches and other related subcultures.

I took a break from all of that Halloween-watching to do something on my computer and the thought occurred to me that I could add what I was doing this Halloween Day so far.

I could hear some children and some older teens outside. They don't go door to door anymore which is a shame but I'm sure that safety is the reason behind that. Fortunately there are a lot of Halloween-related activities that they can take part in in my area but it was good hearing them outside.

Its been a long time since I just enjoyed a day - especially a holiday - where I just took time out and was leisurly. I did enjoy it and it is a good reminder that I have to enjoy it more often.

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Monday, October 22, 2007

"Treasures" Of The Natural Kind!

I'm working on my patience! I have come to find out that the more patient I am the more that favorable things happen and ironically the more I get done! With that being said....

I was raking leaves yesterday! Now the fact that I actually got able to get out and rake leaves is a good thing in and of itself because I have been having financial concerns that took up the majority of my brain waves. I was feeling bad about them and worrying about them which I know only adds weight to the problem and makes the problem far more worse! So I started to think about all the things that I have to be grateful for and believe there are a lot of things that I have to be grateful for! And so I went out and raked leaves! I was doing this because my area provides pickups for leaves. I was also doing to get outside and be outside - its always advised to be a part of nature as much as you can. Another reason why I was doing it is because the more work I do outside the house the more it looks like someone is taking care of the outside of the house.

So I'm raking leaves and taking my time because I know that I don't have to do it all in one day because I have a few days before the scheduled leaf pickup. I'm taking my time and remembering all the things that I am grateful for.

Like I said before I found out and I am learning that the more patient and less stressed I am the more that the world opens up to me. And this was true while I was raking up the leaves. You see there were branches that I have to break up because they fell during some past storms and while I was doing that I found some great branches that I can use elsewhere!

I always wanted a "natural" wand and now I have several pieces to choose from. I also saved some of the stronger branches because I'm going to use them in my garden to help hold some of my plantings. Being outside also gave me time to reflect on all the possibliities that I have for arranging things the way I want them to. I already have a birdbath and I was also thinking about adding a birdfeeder or a small bird house.

Plus I have a lot of other ideas too! I was going to add a cute picture here but Blogger is acting "wonky" and it won't let me upload any pictures so I saved the picture and hopefully I'll be able to post it soon!

By the way I'm enjoying all the Halloween-ish things going on now including watching the old horror movies (and some new horror movies as well) and I'm thinking of adding some Halloween decorations around the house!

I would also love to hear the Halloween plans of my fellow witches!

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Sunday, October 07, 2007

My Altar - Sort Of

I have seen pictures of other people's altars posted online and while I don't have a "set" altar right now I do have a small one that is on the dresser in my bedroom. It is my offering to Ganesha that is supposed to do away with the blocking of opportunity and to help increase the flow of abundance and wealth into my life.

Hopefully you can make out the picture even though its not the best quality. I took the picture with my cameraphone.

My offerings include my spare change and other offerings of candies and mints. I only use them in times of emergency and replace them back as soon as I can!

I haven't decided where I'm going to put my permanent altar yet. It is just so hard to decide where.

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