Friday, February 27, 2009


I had the most interesting dream after talking to my brother on the phone. You see he is currently in the hospital for pneumonia but he is on the mend - thank goodness!

That night I had a dream that we were both outside amongst the scenery but that there were bears in the area. Since we weren't too far from home I was secure in the knowledge that we could get home safely if we were to see one of the bears. The next thing you know we did see a bear coming towards us and I was ready for us to run to the safety of our home. But something happened and as I was running home I looked back to check on my brother and had found that he had went in another direction to help a woman who was being chased by a bear. My brother got between the woman and the bear and saved her life but unfortunately he had lost his life fighting with the bear in order to save the woman.

When I saw him getting between the woman and the bear I knew that something bad was going to happen because even though we were outside I still knew that his health wasn't 100%. I ran towards my brother screaming NO! and the next thing I knew there was my brother lying dead on the ground alongside the bear that he killed in order to save the woman!

Now this had been some dream and it was very vivid in its detail! I mean the colors were real but oddly enough there wasn't a lot of sound! It was like the mute button was on!

When I finally got to my brother and saw him lying there I was beyond being distraught! Even though I knew he had saved the woman and that he didn't die in vain, I still didn't want him to be dead!

I woke up from that dream and it upset me so much! I knew the chances of it actually happening that way were slim but like I said the dream was so vivid and felt so real! I still couldn't get that picture out of my mind seeing my brother running to get between the woman and the bear and knowing that the outcome would not be good!

Like I said the dream upset me so much and I did think about it alot after I woke up. But upon deeper reflection a lot of other thoughts came into my mind as well. I have never been comfortable with the idea of death even though I know that there is a deeper meaning to it.

This same day as I was outside I noticed that a cat had died on someone else's sidewalk and again I thought of my dream and realized that there was a connection here. My own cat had died some months ago and I was still mourning about that but seeing that cat's body made me realize that death is a part of life.

I still have my uncomfortable feelings about death but I know that there is a deeper meaning there.

I decided to blog about this incident because I know that there may be others out there who feel the same way that I do when they are faced with the death of a loved one or those who are affected by death of any kind. Sometimes words can't help but in time one can heal.

As far as dream interpretation goes, I'm sure that this dream shows just how much I love my brother and how I know he would probably give his life to help another who was in serious danger.

It's still a very sad dream for me and I hope I don't have another one like it again!

Update! November 2010!

I'm sad to say that my brother died earlier this year during the middle of July! I'm wondering if this dream that I had was some sort of fortelling message? - even though it took over a year to actually come true?

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