Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tonight I Light A Green Candle For Prosperity~

Tonight I light a green candle for prosperity!

No chants, or words - just a lit green candle sitting by an open window (thank goodness the weather is nice tonight!) to call and welcome prosperity into my home!

I'm quite sure that this is not an original kind of spell. It just "came" to me as I was in the room and there was a green candle "staring" at me so I decide that since the color green is associated with prosperity - I would light the candle tonight.

Do you think that seeing the candle and getting the "inspiration" to light it and put it near an open window was a calling of some kind? I kind of think that it was.

I should also add that I just noticed on my blog that tonight is a new moon - and I didn't even know this when I lit the candle!

Of course the new moon is a good to do spells that have to do with wanting to start something anew. It is also a good time for spells when you want to increase something (in my case prosperity) because this is the time when the new moon is waxing which means that it is increasing in shape (and power) and I didn't even know this when I lit the candle! I really definitely think that this was a sign - casting a spell at almost the perfect correspondence time of the moon!

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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Full Moon Schedule For 2012

Sorry I'm so late getting this on here but better late than never!

Here is the full moon schedule for 2012:

Monday, 9th January 2012, 08:30:06 am
Tuesday, 7th February 2012, 10:53:48 pm
Thursday, 8th March 2012, 10:39:30 am
Friday, 6th April 2012, 09:18:42 pm
Sunday, 6th May 2012, 05:35:06 am
Monday, 4th June 2012, 01:11:36 pm [*]
Tuesday, 3rd July 2012, 08:51:54 pm
Thursday, 2nd August 2012, 05:27:30 am
Friday, 31st August 2012, 03:58:06 pm
Sunday, 30th September 2012, 05:18:36 am
Monday, 29th October 2012, 08:49:30 pm
Wednesday, 28th November 2012, 03:46:00 pm
Friday, 28th December 2012, 11:21:12 am

The full moon is perfect time to do spells! It is when the moon is at its most powerful!

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Saturday, March 03, 2012

I Gave MySelf A Tarot Reading Today!

I gave myself a tarot reading today because there are some problems that I am going through and I'm looking for solutions!

Though my situation is not totally hopeless I worry and I think that that makes the situation more worse for me! So I decided to do a tarot reading on myself to see what the tarot cards had to say for me.

Concerning my present situation I drew "The High Priestest:

Basically what this card says to me is that my situation is not hopeless and that I should first and foremost react with calmness and let my "positive emotionsguide me. This card says to let my intuition drive me. It is also a feminine card (which I am) that deals with a masculine world as far as my issues are concerned. It says that I should be discreet and well-organized as far as dealing with my situation is concerned.

My "future" card that was drawn was the "Ten Of Swords"

which in and of itself could be considered bad news but you go back to the "present" card which tells me what I have to do to avoid having such a thing happen in my future.

So in a nutshell that is my tarot reading and what I take from it is to not to over-react, remain calm, stay positive and go through the necessary things that I will have to do to solve the problem.

If you also read tarot cards I would love to hear your opinion about this and whether or not you get the same interpretation that I have gotten from these cards........

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