Wednesday, April 01, 2009

I Started My Garden!

I don't have any pictures to show yet but I have started my garden!

Outside I have replanted some turnips (at least I think they are turnips - LOL!) that a neighbor gave me. Today's rain should help them along quite nicely!

Inside I have started planting some seeds to start growing inside before I transplant them outside.

As I was looking at my outside garden today I noticed that I have a lot of tree branches that fell from one of the past storms and I have been saving them all! Ultimately I want to be able to use some of them in my fireplace - when I have my fireplace(s) - LOL!

There are lots of things that I have been finding outside! I found some pine cones that I used in my Christmas decorations last year and I decided to save them.

I mention this because part of my chosen path has to do with being a green witch and to me that means using and utilizing all that nature has to offer - surely an abundance of tools and materials are at my fingertips and I am going to use them all!

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