Thursday, December 16, 2004

Time Manipulation?

I think that this is VERY weird. Perhaps those that know more can comment on this.

I got started late on a day that I had to go out and do errands. I was very concerned about missing my bus because I could only catch it at a certain time which was a little over an hour away. Since I had to go to the bank and then do some grocery shopping I pretty much figured that I wouldn't be able to do these and be able to catch my bus. I kind of resigned myself to the fact that I would miss my bus and would have to take the regular public transportation BUT in the back of my mind I was hoping that I would get it all done in time! Well guess what? I DID manage to get it on time (even with about 15 minutes to spare) and I was able to catch my bus! That meant that I waited for my regular bus first, went to the bank and stood in line, then went from the bank to the grocery store and did my shopping (which was 4 bags worth of groceries) and checked out my own groceries at the self-serve register bag my stuff and I'm out the door of the supermarket in time to casually wait for my bus! Even when I got home my mother remarked that I hadn't been gone all that long!

I think this whole experience was something that was very, very weird. How in the world did I manage to get all of that done in an hour!

Saturday, December 04, 2004


From November 27, 2004 - here are the most recent questions (and my answers) from Witches Weekly:


What is the purpose of ritual?

To achieve results

What connection is there between the work we do between the worlds, and our mundane life?

I think that there is a connection regarding all aspects of one's life. I believe that what we do in one area of our life will have an effect on all the other areas of our life.

What role does creativity play in witchcraft?

It plays a very big role! I have used a variety of creative ways when doing spellwork. It mostly involves having the right materials when preparing one of my spells. I don't always have exactly what is called for so I have to use creative alternatives. And I do think that one should be creative and use their creativity in not just their spellwork but in every aspect of their life.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

3 for a Dollar

I noticed that my local Walgreens was having a sale on their votive candles. Actually you had to have a coupon. With the coupon they were 10¢ each! Eureka! A Gold Mine! But I noticed on the receipt that they're normal price is 3 for a dollar - not too bad when I have an extra dollar!


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