Thursday, June 23, 2005


Been looking at the posts in the Wicca Newsgroup and there's a popular discussion going on (alas now it has strayed) about the term "Hedge"Witch - which I thought meant comparitively the same as a kitchen witch/green witch.

Hopefully those that have taken paths like this would like to explain it further since you would have much more experience with it than I.

My own observations and the reason why I chose these paths is because a kitchen witch (to me) uses things in their kitchen for their spells and even for things that aren't spell related. I'm dying to cook up some kind of aphrodisiac-ish meal for a male friend.

A Greenwitch uses her garden including herbs that they have grown in their own garden.

HedgeWitch is an older term where I get the meaning that they use nature and their environment.


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