Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Money, Prosperity, Riches and More Money!

Well I see that its been over a month since I posted last!

I have been doing a lot of visual manifestations but I definitely have to work on it more. I want my dreams and desires to come true and part of them coming true depends on my manifestations. I heard a quote somewhere that said that if you don't have your desires and dreams right now then you aren't wishing hard enough - and that's what I'm working on.

Meditation, quiet reflection and chanting and visualizing and feeling my dreams and desires already coming true - that is what I have to work on. Sometimes it seems as though there is this big slab of concrete or stone just blocking my thoughts and trying to steer me in the opposite direction which is thinking things of frustration and mostly anger and despair. So I put myself back on the right track. But it isn't always easy!

Is it really possible to manifest what one wants and desires? Yes it is possible because I have done it but only to a small degree - which tells me that I have to build upon my strength and personal power and make it so!

I read something very interesting about spells and "wishing for money". It said that one's need for money may be so strong that in some way when expressing that need it comes out wrong. For instance doing a money or prosperity spell so that you can have more money so you won't be poor anymore may manifest as you still being poor - because you're thinking so much about it (being poor that is). Instead of doing a spell for what you don't want, concentrate on what you do want when working your money or prosperity spell.

I had 2 checks come in the mail one day. One I was expecting and the 2nd one was a complete surprise. Together they totaled about $150 and I firmly believe that if I wasn't meditating and manifesting what I wanted I don't think that that would have happened! Now I try to keep that in mind during subsequent meditations and manifestation sessions.


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