Thursday, June 15, 2006

Charmed Ending....

I have to say that I was quite a fan of this show.  I didn't start watching it when it first aired and only got interested in it a while later.  And add to that I only liked the first few seasons of the show and pretty much lost interest after the "Cole" character was let go.  I was glad that the actor made a return appearance and I am interested in seeing how the last episode is treated - cause I hope it has a happy ending.

I think that anyone can get knowledge from the program about witches BUT what's most important is the kind of knowledge you get.  Sure I loved seeing what clothes they were wearing and I LOVED that old house of theirs but what was also interesting was their Book Of Shadows.  I know that it is a very good idea for a witch to have one and I know that having one is highly recommended.  Even the things that seemed impossible like having powers is not all THAT impossible.  I have seen posts that have said that nothing is impossible and people have had success (in smaller degrees) as far as having "powers" have been concerned.  I, myself, have experienced powerful experiences that seemed quite out of the ordinary.


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