Sunday, January 27, 2008

There Is A Witches Group In My Area!

I was going through my email today and noticed that I got mail from I had forgot that I was a member! I belong to thePhiladelphia Witches Group. (You may want to check and see if their are any witch groups in your area.)

It's nice to think that there is an actual witch's group in my area. But sadly I just haven't had the nerve to go to any of their events yet. I guess I'm hiding behind the excuse that I don't have a car but I notice that a lot of their events are ones that I can get to using public transportation. There are also some unrelated issues that I'm trying to solve which is really blocking my desires to be free of worry.

I'm glad to know that the group is there just in case I change my mind and decide to go.

I'm sure many of you belong to witchy-related groups and are glad that you have them in your own area.

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Are You A Fan Of............................?

An online Wicca group that I belong to asked a question in one of their polls and the question was whether or not you were a fan of:

  • Angel

  • Buffy The Vampire Slayer

  • Charmed

I have to admit that I am a fan of all three shows. But I'm curious to see if any of you are fans of any of these shows too?

I know that sometimes these shows make magik and witchcraft look glamorous but its not the same in real life.

So why do I watch these shows? Let's do a countdown:

  • Angel - well first of all Angel is a spin-off of Buffy The Vampire Slayer and I have always loved the "Wesley" character plus the actor that plays Angel is from my own home state. And this program just seems to have "hidden" messages in it. I especially like to do a comparison of the "Wesley" character when he was first introduced in the show. At the start he was kind of like a "babe in the woods" but his character became very important to the show. This is a good lesson for those that think lowly of themselves. We all have a gift or gifts to give and all we have to do is use them.

  • Buffy The Vampire Slayer - I have to admit that the "Willow" character got to me. I started watching this show during the middle of its run and by that time the character was already a witch and I wanted to know how she got that way. Just in life you don't automatically become a powerful witch (or a powerful anything else) - you have to constantly work at it

  • Charmed - Like I have said in previous posts I loved watching this program because of the older house. My house is kind of similar to it - very old - and I think of my house as the perfect "witch" house! Garden, front porch, back porch and attic! I love my house! I liked seeing the clothes that the characters wore and in a frivolous kind of way there are lessons that can be learned even from this show!

I am curious though as to how others feel about these programs. I know that a lot of visitors to my blog live in the UK and I'm wondering about shows that they like too?

So let me know....................


Saturday, January 05, 2008


I can't believe that I haven't mentioned this but I am a great fan of astrology! My sign is Cancer / MoonChild and this translates into my having one of the more emotional astrological signs. According to what is said about the Cancer Moonchild - our emotions rise and fall with the tide - which is something I have to admit is true.

It may be just co-incidental that some witches have a fondness for astrology and tarot (something else that I have an interest in too!).

I do my own chart readings with an astology program that I got online. I also do tarot readings with another program that I got online but I have to actually get a physical tarot deck because there are a lot of different tarot spreads that I would like to try out.

I do have this one book - an older book - that shows you how to give tarot readings with regular playing cards but I should have my own physical tarot deck.

As a matter of fact I made an astrology chart for myself today. It came out pretty accurate for today. I've never had to much problems with my identity - hence my sun in my first house. Moody - that's me alrght! A lot of planets in my first house today - meaning I really have no problems with identifying my identity but I sometimes may get foggy and lose my focus about who I really am and what I am really about!

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