Friday, December 18, 2009

Here Is My Astrological Chart For Today!

Since I was catching up on reading from my astrology mailing list, I decided to do an astrology reading on myself.

I know that there are some people here who read my blog that are astrologers and who can read astrology charts so I thought that it might be a good idea to post my chart and see what other astrologers had to say about my particular astrological reading for my chart today.

Even though I do both astrology reading and tarot readings I thought it might be a good idea to post my chart and see what other astrologers had to say!

Of course as a part of my own Book of Shadows, I include my astrology readings as well as my tarot readings and spells.

If you are new to witchcraft and being a witchthen I hope you find my blog useful and helpful as I go through my journey of being a being a witch.

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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

I Did A Spell And It Worked!

I did a spell and it actually worked!

I live in an older home which has a driveway. Now you're not supposed to block a person's driveway with your car. Yet and still someone decided to park right in front of my driveway blocking my car! I was angry that I decide to do a spell right then and there!

One thing that I had to keep in mind is that when you are casting a spell do not seek to harm anyone or anything - so I kept that in mind when writing my spell!

Basically what I wanted was for that car to "go away and I used those exact words in my spell! Also spells are supposed to end with the words "so mote shall it be - so I also put those words at the end of my spell.

I have to tell you that I worked with what materials I had at the time.

I use a small white candle - because those were the only ones that I had but if I had the choice I would have used a black candle for this "vanishing-type" kind of spell.

I used a clean piece of white paper and wrote my spell down (creating the words of the spell myself). I used the words "go away and stay away" in my spell and ended my spell with the words "so mote shall it be".

I lit the candle and said my spell out loud - once. And then I burned the paper and used an ashtray as my cauldron to burn the paper in.

I let the paper burn entirely until it was nothing but ashes! Then I took those ashes and blew them onto the car that was blocking my driveway!

I released the energy and the spell and went back inside. About 1/2 hour later I heard footsteps walking hurriedly to the car and the car starting up! It took about a good 15 minutes before the car actually drove off and honestly speaking I think it was because I was obsessing over the car leaving and that is why it took it a while for the car to actually leave.

I did this spell about 2 days ago and the car hasn't been back since!

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