Saturday, February 26, 2011

It's Not All About Spells And Witchcraft!

When I first started actually practicing witchcraft and becoming a witch I came to find out that it involved more than just doing spells!

Although it's more of a Wiccan thing I have come to learn and appreciate that it's more about getting in touch with one's self!

Yes I have created and done spells, but I have also bought and lit incense - not to use in a spell - but to just have a nice atmosphere to relax in.

Another thing about spellcasting is that you have to be in a relaxed state - you have to relax as much as possible before you start or do a spell.

And it's this relaxation part that you have to follow - not only when you cast spells but you try to relax as much as you can all the time. This means quiet meditation and "grounding" one's self - especially when the pressures of one's life start to get to you.

Here is a very great article about just that!

10 Tips To Stay Grounded In The Present

Some of the things (well most of them - LOL!) I have done myself. They are nice and simple techniques that one can incorporate into their lives to have a more relaxed and peaceful existence - whether you are a witch or not.

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Eating More Healthy

Besides growing my own vegetables, I really realize that I have to eat more healthy. I found an online site that has a list of healthy foods that one should eat. Here is a link to the article.

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Friday, February 04, 2011

Imbolc - My Plans For.....

Here is a reply that I posted when someone asked what we were going to do to celebrate the Imbolc season:

As I understand it this is the time of year to get ready for spring! Although we are still in the midst of the winter season we can still prepare for the spring while we are inside!

In my particular case it would be planning time for my garden and getting myself ready to work outside in my garden.

While I love the colder weather I don't like it when the weather is so bad that there is ice on the ground because it makes it hard to get around. On the other hand there is nothing more pleasant than being snowed in BUT having all you need at hand!

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